There are few people I admire in my line of work as much as Azeem Azhar. I remember the first time I heard Azeem speak at a London Futurists event at Birkberk. I took pictures of every slide (seriously, every. single. one.), nodded along with each point he made, and left feeling positive rather than terrified about the future. Mostly, I was so refreshed to see someone with such a vast, comprehensive understanding of all the ethical considerations posed by technology, who also managed to approach each topic with the nuance it demanded.

Later, I found Azeem was also an amazing writer. His newsletter, Exponential View, is hugely informative, balanced, and hopeful. His writing is balanced and never engages with fearmongering or black-and-white thinking. In the tech, ethics, and society space, Azeem is one of my role models.

Which is why I was so excited when Azeem asked me to write a guest essay for Exponential View last month. Being in the company of former presidents, activists, and top CEOs who had also written for him was an honor, and working with Azeem and his colleague Marija Gavrilov was a truly lovely experience.

My essay covers some of the topics from the book: how the misalignment of Silicon Valley’s identity harms the industry and its products; how tech self-selected a very narrow skillset; and how emotional and social intelligence are key to developing more ethical technology.

Give the essay a read!

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