I sat down with former BBC producer and CoinGeek Conversations host Charles Miller to have a short but incredibly fun and rich chat about how the lessons of Silicon Valley can be put to use as Bitcoin SV and other blockchain technologies continue to develop.

Charles and I discussed how the cultural and moral shortcomings of Big Tech can be a roadmap for Bitcoin SV, if developers and investors can learn from the mistakes of Silicon Valley companies who employ a “growth at any cost” mentality and leaders who failed to listen to the needs of employees, consumers, and society.

While digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are perhaps most well-known for making their early adopters rich, Bitcoin SV aims to return to the original values of blockchain technology: stability, scalability, security, and safe, instant financial transactions. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin SV also enables low-fee micropayments to help support the move to a new decentralized digital economy.

Such an undertaking, of course, requires a huge amount of mutual trust, collaboration, and ethical fortitude, which Charles and I spent time discussing the ins and outs of over the course of the episode.

You can read Charles’s post here or listen to the full episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Overcast.

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